Owner, Dog Trainer, Certified AKC CGC, CGCA, CGCU Evaluator, Certified PSA Decoy  

Languages: English, Spanish                    

Justin’s love for dogs began in Redwood City at the age of 4, when he and his mother got their two Rottweilers, ever since then his love for working dogs flourished. Born and raised in Redwood City Justin has been serving the Peninsula since 2007, becoming a nutritional specialist at Pet Food Express, a certified pet sitter, a dog walker for canines with special needs and behavior modification issues, such as leash aggression. At the end of 2014 Justin found a stray Pit bull on the street with obvious signs of being an ex fighting bait dog, high dog aggression issues and no confidence. Justin started socializing and training, the dog he now calls Rambo, tirelessly to “fix”, what many would think was unfixable. Justin sought an apprenticeship from a local dog training facility in San Jose. Fast forward to 2018, Justin is a dog trainer specializing in high aggression issues and believes every dog is trainable no matter what the breed, behavior, and age. Rambo is now a certified therapy dog, working with children at the Edgewood Children’s Center in San Carlos, and actively competes in AKC obedience trials. We are also proud to announce that Justin and Rambo received their first AKC Obedience title at the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show in January 2018!

Justin’s motto is for ALL dogs that are misunderstood, whether their breed or an adoptee that has behavioral issues, to “never give up!”.

Jennifer Bazan

Owner, Certified Dog Groomer, AKC Professional Dog Handler, President of Bay Area PSA Club

Languages: English, ASL(American Sign Language)

Jennifer has never been a stranger to dogs, born into the world of dog shows, her grandparents have been breeding AKC Champion English Setters for 50+ years in Redwood City. She has been attending dog shows since she was born. Jennifer showed her first dog when she was 10 years old and ever since then it stuck. She competed in Junior Showmanship and received thousands of dollars in scholarships, and has been featured in newspapers such as the Fresno Bee and San Mateo Daily Journal.

 Credit: San Mateo Daily Journal

Jennifer has qualified for one of the worlds most prestigious dog shows, the Westminster Kennel Club, 5 years in a row for junior showmanship. Jennifer took to the dog shows and got serious when she started working for professional dog handlers such as Carlos Carrizzo, Laurie and Larry Fenner, and Wendy Bettis. There she learned many “tricks of the trade” handling many different breeds ranging from Dachshunds to Black Russian Terriers, but the one that made the biggest imprint on her was grooming. Jennifer learned grooming styles such as hand scissoring, hand stripping, and mastering AKC breed cuts. She is passionate about transforming her guests into well groomed, clean, and happy dogs. She has experience with ALL coat types, whether its a corded Komondor, a schnauzer needing hand stripping, a teddybear cut on a pet Shitzu, Japanese style trim on a Doodle or a Bernese Mountain dog needing a good de-shedding treatment. She now has a Dutch Shepherd that she is currently training for Ring Sport and PSA.


Receptionist, Manager

Languages: English

Jess is an Emerald Hills local    and has been working with dogs most of her life. She started growing up with various large breed dogs to servicing the local area in dog sitting, dog walking. Jess also volunteered at Pets In Need in Redwood City as an adoption evaluator for about a year. Jess also spent just over a year working at Pet Food Express in San Carlos learning about dog nutrition. Then went on to working at Wag Hotels in Redwood city in various positions such as client services, overnight, daycare, guest services and working with a full house of 300+ dogs for 3.5 years. She currently has an 10 month old Australian Kelpie mix named Noisette who is a rescue and has passed her AKC Star Puppy test and is currently in training as a therapy dog and will be used as one of Dogz101’s demo dogs.


Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Languages: English, ASL(American Sign Language)

Pam, also born into the world of dogs, is Jennifer’s mother, and  attended many of her Dog shows. Pam was also involved in raising English Setters with the family. Being deaf, Pam’s attention to detail and her focus is one of many assets that she brings to Dogz101. She has been a dog walker, and pet sitter for over 5 years and is now the lead dog walker for Dogz101.