Our Team

Jennifer Bazan
DOGZ101 Owner, Certified Dog Groomer, Member of Bay Area Ring Club, NARA, PSA, and President of Bay Area PSA Club

Languages: English, ASL(American Sign Language)

Jennifer has never been a stranger to dogs, born into the world of dog shows, her grandparents have been breeding AKC Champion sporting dogs for 50+ years in Redwood City. She has been attending dog shows since she was born. Jennifer showed her first dog when she was 10 years old and ever since then it stuck. She competed in Junior Showmanship and received thousands of dollars in scholarships, and has been featured in newspapers such as the Fresno Bee and San Mateo Daily Journal.

 Credit: San Mateo Daily Journal

Jennifer has qualified for one of the worlds most prestigious dog shows, the Westminster Kennel Club, 5 years in a row for junior showmanship. Jennifer took to the dog shows and got serious when she started working for professional dog handlers such as Carlos Carrizzo, Laurie and Larry Fenner, and Wendy Bettis. There she learned many “tricks of the trade” handling many different breeds ranging from Dachshunds to Black Russian Terriers, but the one that made the biggest imprint on her was grooming. Jennifer learned grooming styles such as hand scissoring, hand stripping, and mastering AKC breed cuts. She is passionate about transforming her guests into well groomed, clean, and happy dogs. She has experience with ALL coat types, whether its a corded Komondor, a schnauzer needing hand stripping, a teddybear cut on a pet Shitzu, Japanese style trim on a Doodle or a Bernese Mountain dog needing a good de-shedding treatment.

Jennifer now runs the daily maintenance of the business and is currently a member of Bay Area Ring Club and is training her Dutch Shepherd for French Ring sport and is the President and Co-founder of Bay Area PSA Club. Jennifer is also learning how to be a K9 decoy to train sport and police K9’s. 

Dog Trainer  

Kirsten is one of our trainers at Dogz101. Kirsten has had a passion for animals all her life and at a young age started volunteering at animal rescues and working with a variety of animals including dogs, cats, and horses. She has close to ten years of experience working with and training dogs of all kinds.

Kirsten grew up in Atlanta Georgia, learning and getting all the experience she could, assisting and mentoring several professional trainers, including her sister, the owner and head trainer of Life Dog Training in Georgia. In 2014 Kirsten added Raleigh to her family, a 6 month old rescue Border Collie that showed severe behavioral issues as she got older, such as intense prey drive, dog reactivity, and dog aggression. Raleigh forced Kirsten to expand her knowledge and become a better trainer to enhance Raleigh’s quality of life and safety, as well as their bond together.

In 2017, after years of intensive work with Raleigh, Kirsten was able to successfully and safely introduce a new puppy into their pack, her German Shepherd Kaladin. Kaladin served as Kirsten’s training guinea pig and demo dog when she started her own business, Georgia Service Dog Training, working with service dog handlers and pet owners. Kirsten got involved in service dog training when her own health began to decline and she was later diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders. Kaladin is her personal service dog that improves her quality of life and ability to function safely by performing tasks such as low blood sugar alerts, other medical alerts and responses to relieve symptoms, and gluten detection. In addition to her own service dog, Kirsten has helped train diabetic and medical alert dogs, hearing aid dogs, mobility aid dogs, and PTSD service dogs. 

Whether you need help with pet or service dog training, Kirsten strives to help you meet your personal goals, improve your bond, and make the whole household as peaceful and cohesive as possible. Her top priority is for you and your dog to have a fulfilling relationship full of fun, trust, and respect.

US Army Veteran, Dog Trainer, Social Media Manager

Languages: English, Spanish and Thai

Kim is another one of our trainers here at Dogz101. A true animal lover She works with and trains dogs, horses and birds! Kim has over fifteen years experience working with dogs of all breeds—training, fostering and rescuing.Originally from Southern California, Kim completed her Bachelors in Sociology, Law & Society from UC Riverside and her Master of Social Work from Cal State Northridge—where she was awarded a stipend for an internship/research position at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Hospital and completed her master’s Capstone research project on the biological, psychological and social benefits of having service dogs.

Kim is also a US Army Veteran and was stationed locally here in Monterey where she completed her training as a Crypto-Linguist at the Defense Language Institute and fell in love with the Bay Area!

Following graduate school Kim was diagnosed with cancer bringing her academic/professional career to a halt. She underwent several surgeries and had to learn how to walk again. This became the impetus for finding her service dog Izzy the German Shepherd rescue who assists her in mobility!  Since teaming up with Izzy, Kim dove head first into the dog world and hasn’t looked back since! 

She recently added another pup to her pack—a Dutch Shepherd and PSAK9 prospect named Ember. 

Izzy & Ember are her source of inspiration and passion for all things dogs uniquely shaping her holistic approach to dog training—which addresses a  myriad of issues from nutrition and environment to relationship dynamics. A master of communication —it is Kim’s passion to help people and their canine counterparts build better, meaningful relationships.

Dog Trainer

Mikayla is one of our trainers here at Dogz101. She found her passion for all things dog when she was younger and got her first pet chihuahua. From then on she has put her time into volunteering at shelters, walking dogs, boarding dogs and training dogs. She is currently attending De Anza College where she studies Aerospace Engineering. While she is going to school she is also working towards becoming a certified PSA decoy. 

Mikayla specializes not only in dog training but also in dog nutrition. While working at Pet Food Express she went through courses that involved intense training on dog nutrition with kibble, raw, home cooked and many other forms of dog food. She has worked with many individuals and their dogs to focus on enriching their dogs lives through nutrition, mental stimulation and overall health. 

Mikayla has also had her own dog boarding, walking and day care business through Rover for about 3 years where she increased her exposure to a variety of breeds and sizes. Mikayla’s approach to training is holistic and she makes sure to cover  all aspects of your pups life so that you can be successful as a dog owner and be the true pack leader. 

Mikayla got involved with Dogz101 because her dog Jupiter was showing signs of dog reactivity and she started out as a client with us. As she continued training her dog Jupiter she became our intern here at Dogz101 where she developed more training skills and now wants to share her same successful experience with others so they can feel confident with their dogs and have a clear trusting communication system with them. 

Dog Walker, Pet Sitter

Languages: English, ASL(American Sign Language)

Pam, also born into the world of dogs, is Jennifer’s mother, and  attended many of her Dog shows. Pam was also involved in raising English Setters with the family. Being deaf, Pam’s attention to detail and her focus is one of many assets that she brings to Dogz101. She has been a dog walker, and pet sitter for over 7 years and is now the lead dog walker for Dogz101.