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Starting January 2019 Dogz101 will carry a few necessary items that are essential in your daily training and grooming needs!


Get Informed! The term “shock collars” for some, has a negative connotation. Many people incorrectly assume that shock collars cause physical harm or lasting damage to a dog as a form of punishment. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Electric collars are designed to get your dog’s attention with muscle stimuli and is NOT a form of punishment. When used in combination with positive reinforcement, E-collars provide the feedback that dogs need to learn when to pay attention to the pet’s handler. E-collars do not burn or cause lasting damage to a dog.

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The XDOG weight vest is a patent-pending weight vest for dogs that uses sand-filled weights evenly dispersed across the body and designed to help build muscle, improve speed, performance, stamina, reduce obesity, improve mental focus, reduce anxiety and improve cardiovascular health in your dog.

Zen Dogs & Cool Cats CBD Oil: $30
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Our products are 100% organic derived from phytocannabinoid rich plants and 3rd party lab tested by the best government approved and regulated facilities known to man.

Each batch is specially formulated by leading veterinary experts to ensure the safety and effectiveness your pet deserves. Our CBD Oil tinctures provide a full spectrum profile of naturally present non-psychotropic cannabinoids and diverse synergistic terpenoids. 

Combined with 100% coconut derived, ketone rich, pure-grade MCT oil, your pet is sure to enhance cognitive function, boost energy, improve weight management, and regulate blood sugar levels, additional to the miraculous benefits CBD already offers.

Your best friend deserves a best friend, and we’ve got you both covered.